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The regular damage caused by foot traffic, furniture, and other components must be prevented from happening to floors. This protection is provided by a floor coating, which also improves the appearance of your area. Epoxy Flooring Greeley can satisfy every demand with a range of floor coating treatments.

Epoxy Flooring Greeley only uses the highest quality products to guarantee lifespan and durability. You may choose the right look for your room by selecting from a vast selection of colors and finishes that we provide. Experienced and committed to providing superb customer service, our staff has you covered.

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Benefits of epoxy floor coating

Here are some advantages that can convince you if you are still trying to decide whether to have a floor coating for your property:

Safeguards your floors

Floor coating is reputed to be solid and long-lasting. It can resist high-traffic areas and safeguard the cost of your flooring.

Simple to Clean

Epoxy floors are non-porous; therefore, they cannot absorb dirt and spills. They are, therefore, simple to maintain and clean.


This is a fantastic feature, especially if you live with children or dogs. Epoxy floors are non-slip and give your family a secure atmosphere.

Enhances The Look of Your Area

Your area might look very different with a floor finish. To create the ideal design for your house or place of work, you can select from our several colors and finishes.

Why Choose Us?

It’s essential to pick a trustworthy company for floor coating. Epoxy Flooring Greeley is the best option for you because of the following reasons:

  • We offer a variety of colors and finishes for you to pick from
  • We only use the best materials
  • Our skilled crew is committed to providing exceptional customer service.
  • We take extra steps necessary to assure client happiness and satisfaction

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Call us immediately to schedule a consultation or learn more about our floor coating services. We look forward to working with you!

Our epoxy floor coating Process

At Epoxy Flooring Greeley, we take pride in our work and go above and beyond to satisfy our clients. Our staff is trained and committed to offering outstanding customer service.

Here is a short rundown of how we apply floor coatings:

Consultation: We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and space-related goals.

Preparation: Removal of any existing wax or sealer will be done to get your floors ready for coating.

Application: We will apply and cover your floors with epoxy coating in a uniform layer.

Curing: It will take the epoxy between 24 and 48 hours to dry thoroughly. During this time, we advise avoiding using the floors.

Your flooring will be resilient and durable once the epoxy has dried. They will improve the appearance of your area and be simple to clean and maintain. Get in touch with us to organize a consultation or to learn more about our floor coating services. We are delighted to work with you soon!

Considering Epoxy Floor Coating?

Our Services

We provide a variety of epoxy flooring services, such as but not limited to the following:

Garage Flooring

If your garage experiences heavy traffic, has a lot of moisture or needs to be shielded from oil and other chemicals, you should epoxy-coat it. Please choose from our team's various color and style options to find the perfect look for your garage.

Commercial Flooring

The entire appearance of your business can be significantly improved by properly installed epoxy flooring. We will work with you to identify the best one for your space from our selection of colors and styles.

rec room, living room, recreation

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy is the best option if you want a solid, long-lasting floor finish. Because of its strength, resistance to chemicals and oils, and easily cleanable surface, epoxy coating is a must.

Basement Flooring

It's essential to have a strong and long-lasting flooring option if you intend to use your basement as a living area. Since epoxy flooring is moisture-resistant and straightforward to maintain, it is the appropriate choice for basement floors.

Residential Flooring

Epoxy flooring isn't just for commercial buildings; it can also be installed in homes! We provide a wide selection of colors and styles and will work with you to identify which one is suitable and looks excellent for your house.

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